Arizona History with

Marshall Trimble

By Madeline Morrill 2005

Marshall Trimble is his given name, State Historian is his claim to fame. We’ve come to listen to him every week, For it’s knowledge of Arizona history that we seek. They said, sign up now before he retires, But he says, no way, I’m lighting too many fires. It’s interesting, absorbing and amusing too, Marshall ’s love for Arizona just comes shining through. What have we learned on this historical journey? We’ve learned lots of facts and a little bit of blarney. There were ancient Anasazi or is it Ancestral Pueblos, They lived many years ago on those high Colorado Plateaus. The Spaniards came looking for Glory, God and Gold, Arizona was the place for those most brave and bold. Trappers and explores came next for the fur of the beaver, Names like Walker and Carson and Williams and Weaver. Steamboats and camels came with the engineers, They mapped and surveyed all of Arizona ’s frontiers. Finally with the stagecoach, along came the women, Sarah Bowman became Yuma ’s very own “First Citizen”. The “Easterners” started up the Civil War, Confederates tried to open up the Western door. The westernmost battle took place at Picacho Pass , The Apaches were just glad that it wasn’t their . The Indians loved this beautiful land, They decided to fight as a mighty band. The army sent along General George Crook, And the Indians soon had to go by his book. The miners found copper and silver and gold, They dug out the metals and had them bankrolled. The greatest silver strike was the Silver King, With Rich Hill and Vulture, the cash registers did ring. On to Legends in Levis - they looked mighty good in those chaps, Their cowboy hats soon replaced those coonskin caps. The Babbitt Brothers started the CO Bar, It was Flagstaff , Arizona ’s brightest ranching star. Cattle ranchers and sheep ranchers just didn’t get along, The Pleasant Valley War began and boy, did it last long. Don’t forget the infamous OK Corral and pretty Winnie Ruth Judd, She fought with her two girlfriends and nipped them in the bud. Horses and stagecoaches as transportation were okay, But the coming of the railroads really brought a better way. Just don’t say impossible to Frank Murphy in Crown King, People had to get to Ashfork, and his railroad was just the thing. Was Arizona the only place with a capital on wheels? From Prescott to Tucson and back, they had to move their seals, In 1889, Phoenix became the best place, No more changes now, so let’s start the statehood chase. In 1912, Arizona became the 48th state, George W. P. Hunt thought that this was just great. For many, many years the Democrats ruled, Then along came Barry Goldwater and the Democrats were cooled. Air conditioning was invented and the tender feet were coming, They dammed up the water and the power companies were humming. They all began to realize, Arizona ’s a great place to be, The only thing missing here is a good view of the sea. Now our cavalcade is over and we very much enjoyed it, Marshall , you never bored us, not for even one tiny bit. May our knowledge of Arizona just continue to soar, As you must leave us now, wanting for more. We hope you find that special woman, the one with a thin cotton dress, If we should happen upon her first, then we’ll send you her address. She must be out there somewhere and one thing we know is true, She lives in Arizona where your heart is, through and through. “I hope we meet again someday”, Marshall Trimble says, On the Arizona road or maybe on the Indian Res. Next time that you see us, Marshall, please give us a wave, For now, we’ll go our own ways and try hard to behave. And now we must go out and buy your latest book, Arizona 2000 must really be worth a look. There’s just one thing that we’d really like to say, Please write an autobiography - that would really make our day. Thanks for showing us Arizona , with all it’s warts and charm, With your humor and good looks, you’re sure not the average schoolmarm. If we have more questions about our state and really want to chat, We’ll be keeping a keen eye out for your signature black hat.