There are many great authors that have wonderful works that most of the general readership never see. The authors below have provided historical facts along with great stories to the Wild West Gazette throughout the years. Please look at their works.
When Luke Taylor's father leaves home to fight for the South in the Civil War, it's up to Luke to be the man of the family.

Luke Taylor - Westward Bound, Luke races against time, Union soldiers, and bounty hunters on his way to join a wagon train in Independence Missouri. With only a packhorse, a few days' supply of food, and a stowaway dog, Luke heads west on a tense, adventure-filled journey of survival. Luke Taylor - Westward Bound takes readers along on a thrilling quest for freedom, peace, and ultimately, revenge.

"Written in the vernacular of the time; Westward Bound brings to light the harsh reality of the period following the Civil War, the time history calls the westward migration. For many like the central character, Luke, the reality of why many came west is portrayed well . Well written, a little harsh, but a great representation of the time."  Sid Hagel publisher - Wild West Gazette.

Lowell Volk is a retired software engineering manager. he lives in Pleasant View,
Colorado, where he is a member of the Montezuma County Sheriff's posse. Lowell
and his wife Mary Lou, have five children, Terri, Scott, Paula, Lowell Jr., and Kathy.
Lowell enjoys horseback riding, deer and elk hunt, and early American history.

                Westward Bound
               $22.99 Hardback
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Richards-Yount, Norma Jean - Learn more about Norma Jean Richards Yount



"This is a story that needs to be told. I am glad you are doing it. I worked with Leo Durie: on a daily basis for four years, and he was a good man. Goldroad was a very happy time in my life- a lot of good people lived there." Morris Bird, Timekeeper/ Accountant--1937 -1942


"Goldroad was the happiest time of my childhood. My father made more money in Goldroad than he had ever made in his life" Joan Bird, My Best Friend


"My happiest memories are in Goldroad. I look back and am amazed at the good people who lived there."

John Sayer, My First Boyfriend


"Have intended to answer your dear letter which have put in our treasure box. We love all your family. Leo always speaks of your father- and how much he helped him around the mine. "  Mrs. Leo H. Duriez

Wife of Goldroad Manager Letter of 24 March 1974

"We were poor, but we didn't know it". Cloyd Henline                     Buy Now

King, Julian - Sand in Our Shoes:
Chasing the American Dream
$14.95 plus shipping & handling                         

Learn more about Julian King                              

As I read Sand in Our Shoes I realized how difficult the west was, even as late as the late 1940’s. I could not set it down until I absorbed the last word. Thank you for bringing a great book to life. It personifies the life & Spirit of the Valley of the Sun.” Sid Hagel publisher Wild West Gazette."


Robinson,Jr., Cleo W -

Trails to and Tales of Sanderson Texas
$16.95 Paperback
plus $4 shipping & handling  

$26.95 Hardback plus $4 shipping & handling   

Learn more about Cleo W. Robinson, Jr.


Trimble, Marshall - Marshall is the official Arizona State Historian. He has over 30 books relating to Arizona.

Learn more about Marshall Trimble


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