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Alchesay National Fish Hatchery  Apr 07

Alchesay, William Hart : A Forgotten Part of Arizona History by Lee Sharpe Apr 07

Arizona Rough Riders from the Marguerite Noble Collection May07

Clayborne, William Floyd "Billy"  by Shari Jo Apr 07


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Arizona Rough Riders  Arizona State Parks May 07

Chandler Museum May 07

Gilbert Museum May 07


The “Old West” is entwined in our lives today as sure as a roped calf pulls the rope tight to the horn when lassoed.  

We tell the truth and tale of life in territorial western America, the West, and Arizona Territory through the exploits of early settlers. Most of the people of the west were hard working and dedicated. A few flamboyant individuals have grabbed the limelight, as is done today. Some of these are the Jessie James, William Bonney, Doc Holliday, and Wyatt Earp etc… the flamboyant are included, but the dedicated are our focus.

 WWG attempts to separate fact from fiction, truth from tale, and identify the bold face lie. We are utilizing museums, Territorial era papers, family records, books of the old west and even grave sites in separating fact from tall tale.

 The average life in early western America was fraught with danger. We will show some of the hardships endured, Indian attacks, disease, long journeys through  the desert, drought, rustler attacks, range wars, and any other pestilence we can find. Political events skewed history in the portrayal of peoples. We present facts and allow you, the reader, to form your opinion. 

There are many events, sites, and museums available for hunting treasures of the “Old West.” Our staff has searched out these gems of antiquity dedicated to the topics of the day and we present them to you for your reading enjoyment.

 Each month a different region of Arizona, or other western areas, will be featured. As a featured site we intend to help you in deciding your goal in locating your event of choice.  

We are published monthly on the web as This is a dynamic publication; therefore the site will be updated on a regular basis within the month.

If you have any comments, suggestions, criticism, or care to provide input to the site and/or paper please contact us at .

 Thank you for your interest in Wild West Gazette. The staff is looking forward to providing you a fun filled readership for a long time to come.

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